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Google Alliance

Move your Business to the Next Level

Consultancy and services for GCP and other Google technologies

When migrating to the cloud, deciding on the right platform and journey partner is essential. Google pioneered the development of new Internet technologies for businesses, and its Google Cloud platform offers especially attractive solutions for those who prioritize innovation and data analytics.

NTT DATA is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, which means that we can help you get the most out of the Cloud and we will also be the best partner when demanding other resources from Google and Alphabet in areas such as Big Data, AI, search services, marketing and advertising, as well as in specific areas such as health care or bioscience, among others.

Whether you are planning your migration to the Cloud, in the process of transition or have already completed the first iterations, you can trust NTT DATA to adopt, transform and optimize your IT solutions and applications on Google Cloud.


Google Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture

Infrastructure and architecture services

Our technology teams are experts on designing your Cloud infrastructure following the best practices of GCP and the most scalable, robust and secure platform architectures for your applications. With many years of experience and numerous references that support us, we can definitely help you plan, create and govern the solid technical foundations that your business will demand.

Data & Analytics

We can help you unlock the power of your data hosted in GCP and leverage the wide range of analytics tools to extract, visualize and model data so as to enable you to make smarter, informed decisions and connect your insights to business results.

AI & MLOps

NTT DATA enables you to increase the business impact of AI and benefit from Google’s multiple initiatives in the field of AI & MLOps including fully-configured AI solutions, AI building blocks for developers and a wide range of accelerators, frameworks and tools.

Transformation & Modernization of Applications

Develop new applications or modernize your on-premises workloads by leveraging Cloud-Native approaches in GCP to maximize scalability, security and performance of your applications, also reducing your current technical debt and improving your time-to-market. Trust our NTT DATA services to be your partner on developing and migrating your most critical or innovative solutions to Google Cloud.

Cognitive Solutions

GCP is among the preferred cloud providers for cognitive solutions because of Google’s early focus on this area. NTT DATA can help you tap into and effectively harness the immense possibilities of Google’s cognitive technologies to develop real-world applications and services.

Digital Experience

In the current business context in which your customers are interacting with your company through many different channels and with high expectations of personalization, at NTT DATA we have created native GCP solutions that will allow you to offer your customers the unified experience they need. You will stand out from your competitors by providing this enriched experiences, while increasing your engagement and sell conversions through use cases that we have specifically designed for your sector.



eVA is an enterprise-class conversational AI platform deployed natively in GCP. It simplifies the creation and management of virtual agents to automate natural language interactions across different channels, including contact centers, websites, Google Home, WhatsApp, etc.

Unified Experience

A solution developed by NTT DATA and available natively in GCP that will allow you to offer your customers a personalized, holistic and omni-channel experience, in line with their expectations as consumers. Roll out new industry-specific use cases that will increase your cross-selling, improve their relationship with your company, get to understand better their needs and be able to make them loyal to your brand, while