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Public Services

DATALAIA: An advanced platform with AI and Big Data capabilities

Discover this study case in which we implemented a dashboard capable of monitoring the public procurement of the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha.

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The role of government institutions and other public bodies is more important than ever as society confronts long-term trends, such as the ageing population or climate change, and the heightened expectations of citizens in today’s digital society.

By becoming more data-driven, public bodies can move from a reactive to a more proactive, evidence-based model of decision-making, anticipating future outcomes and creating a digital framework more conducive to innovation instead of reacting to events that are already happening.

NTT DATA sees multiple opportunities to apply digital technologies to the public sector, from tax collection to smart city technologies such as sensors to help traffic flow better, to more ambitious initiatives, such as using Machine Learning to predict the risk of social exclusion.


Public Resources

With a data-driven approach, NTT DATA can contribute to the modernisation of key government services systems such as budget management and public procurement. These processes result in more efficient management of economic and human resources, greater economic sustainability and transparency, and optimization of revenue management and other processes.

Green Deal

The green transition depends on implementing changes in multiple sectors, from urban development, energy and agriculture to infrastructure, environment, transport and mobility. NTT DATA technologies and services can facilitate this process.

Digital Government

NTT DATA has been involved in a number of collaborative projects with local, regional and national administrations, providing them with effective and customized digital eGovernment solutions that are a key aspect of government-citizen interactions in the G2C sector.

Intellectual Property & Innovation

Patents are an essential tool for innovation and technological progress. Within NTT DATA, we work to encourage the creation and protection of intellectual property, while also supporting the democratisation of intellectual property.


New digital technologies can help ensure the sustainability of health systems and permit everyone to benefit from the latest treatments and technologies.


We work to transform education and empower today's learners to become the digital citizens of the future, leveraging technology to transform the education ecosystem.

Labor Market

We help public administrations to meet the challenges of the labor market and to provide services to citizens and businesses in a personalized, proactive and digital way.

Social Security

We work to change the paradigm of the relationship between the administration and people, placing the citizen at the center of the entire ecosystem, proactively accompanying the life cycle of workers and building a more resilient protection system.


With the aim of strengthening international security through cooperation in defense, border management and maritime security, we help organizations working in the field of defense using our value offer based on new technologiesto achieve digital transformation and so ensure a more secure society.


At NTT DATA we develop solutions to digitize the administration of justice and paper records, and we build solutions supported by disruptive technologies, such as the DATLLAW solution to support judicial decision-making through natural language processing and the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Public Safety

We design comprehensive digital identity and biometric solutions, applied to smart border management, and we have knowledge and expertise in the major challenges of digitization of the Security Forces and Corps, as well as in the efficiency and optimization of emergency management, based on disruptive technologies applied to the Smart Emergency Response concept. Of particular note is the project for the construction of the Spanish EES system and its interoperability with Europe.



Datalaia uses analytics tools to contribute to better decision making in the public sector. This data management platform offers intuitive visualizations that integrate Big Data, open data and business intelligence.

Urban Solutions: ZENTRO, Smart City in a Box & Moverick

NTT DATA has developed specific solutions for the most common urban problems. ZENTRO is an urban low emission zone (LEZ) management tool that uses cameras and Internet of Things sensors to automatically control and monitor access and manage permits and fines. SmartCity in a Box is an integrated platform for smart city projects that facilitates the interoperability and integration of both structured and unstructured data sources. Finally, Moverick is an integrated public transport solution for electronic fare payment that provides real-time information to users.

Integrated Digital Identity Solution for Automated Border Control (ABC, EES)

The ABC systems for airports developed and implemented by NTT DATA use biometric recognition technology, both facial and fingerprint, to identify travellers and control access with e-passport or ID card. These solutions are already adapted to the requirements of new challenges at the European level, such as Entry/Exit System, etc.


eGoveris is an adaptable platform with a service-oriented architecture that makes it easier for public bodies to adopt an eGovernment model and enables citizens and employees to carry out procedures online.


ImaJob is a tool for public employment services that uses data-driven recommendations and best practice models to identify job opportunities that match the skills and preferences of unemployed people.


Idectory uses artificial intelligence technology to search patent databases and scientific articles worldwide, thus facilitating access to specialized documentation on innovation processes.

Tactical HDC

Tactical HDC is our proposal to simplify and accelerate the deployment of CIS infrastructures in emergency environments and is based on simplifying the number of elements to be deployed by applying the SDDC technology concept.

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