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Organizations need to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy if they are to maximize the benefits and go beyond simply seeing the cloud as an IT resource.  Whether the focus is on using the cloud to scale or modernize your on-premises IT, as  a new platform for delivering services, or as an  enabler of business transformation, NTT DATA can help you get the most out of the cloud.

 We take an end-to-end and iterative approach  to help define the best cloud-first or hybrid strategy for your organization,  taking into account your current resources and skillsets, the desired roadmap, and your objectives for moving to the cloud.

We accompany you on your cloud migration journey, monitor and manage your cloud-based resources, and develop off-the-shelf or customized cloud-first or hybrid solutions by leveraging our strategic alliances with the leading providers of hyperscale and private cloud platforms. 


Cloud Mindset Adoption

The cloud is different from on-premises IT, requiring not just new platforms, technologies and skills but also a new mindset. By embracing the cloud, enterprises free themselves not just from legacy technologies but also outdated thinking, enabling them to create innovative products, services and business models.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Platforms

NTT DATA is vendor-agnostic and so can offer impartial advice on the optimum approach to designing a corporate cloud platform, advising you on the most appropriate platform strategy for a given mix of workloads, and the relative merits of heterogeneous, homogenous and hybrid cloud.

Multi-Cloud Data Management

A multi-cloud environment enables specific payloads to be optimized for different cloud providers but it creates additional data management challenges that NTT DATA can help you understand and resolve, utilizing our own remote cloud management capabilities, if required.

Journey to the Cloud

We help you define the best cloud transformation strategy by analyzing different scenarios and making decisions for your cloud journey based on understanding your business strategy and motivations.

Cloud-Native Solutions

Enterprises are increasingly opting for cloud-native solutions, leveraging technologies such as microservices and containers to ensure portability and performance. NTT DATA helps you embrace cloud-native solutions and achieve the optimum mix of customizability and automation.

Cloud Security

The cloud brings new types of vulnerability and considerably extends the attack surfaces, while big data and compliance and regulatory requirements add to the security challenges. NTT DATA can ensure you take a holistic approach to cloud security that addresses these challenges.

Enhancing Digital Capabilities

A Digital Capability is a set of routines, practices and technological enablers a company needs to support business capabilities through digital technologies. Our teams work with clients to enhance their digital capabilities and increase their business success.

The Cloud Economics

Cloud Economics has been developed as an enterprise-ready service designed to minimize costs and maximize the benefits of the cloud. It is a customer-first and vendor-agnostic advisory approach that enables clients to select the most cost-effective approach and the most appropriate for their needs.



Meikai has been developed by NTT DATA to keep you in control of your cloud-based resources, assets and suppliers, providing transparency, control and automation in a distributed, hyperscale cloud landscape.

Cloud Radar

Adopting cloud is a long-term commitment effort that demands continuous analysis and understanding. Cloud Radar is a vendor-agnostic solution oriented to address the adoption process and measure the strategic value of cloud.

Green Cloud

There is often an assumption that moving to the cloud is more environmentally friendly, but this cannot be taken for granted. Choosing the right cloud provider, optimizing the operating model and effectively leveraging the application architecture are keys to maximizing economic and environmental sustainability.

Cloud Toolkit

The Cloud Toolkit includes a set of best-practice templates, step-by-step workplans, and maturity assessments for any cloud adoption project. The Cloud Toolkit assists our team of expert consultants to define the best cloud solution for every case.

Cloud Center For Enablement

CC4E comprises a multidisciplinary team that uses a set of tools and assets to facilitate the cloud transformation while ensuring the necessary cultural shift within our clients.

Cloud Evaluation

With the Cloud Evaluation solution, our team guides our client to define a strategical roadmap to accomplish a successful cloud adoption. It helps determine if a company is ready a migration to the cloud and the best migration process for it.

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