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Fri, 25 February 2022

Drivers for innovation in the Telecom industry

The telecommunications sector is one of the great technological epicenters of today, but the market is immersed in a complex situation. For decades and thanks to the development of the Internet and all mobile telephony services, the potential of the telecommunications industry has been unstoppable, but in recent years, market saturation has made it difficult to find new opportunities and even to survive. The economic viability of adopting new technologies, the search for efficiency and the improvement of the user experience are the three most important challenges in the sector.

In this context, NTT DATA has developed seven solutions, which will present at Mobile World Congress 2022. These solutions are focused on two areas: 5G and operational efficiency, confirming that the company is committed to accompanying and helping its customers in the industry.

Regarding 5G technology, we are working on a block of five solutions that enable and build a series of next-generation assets from a zero-touch and cloud-native concept, seeking to enable the leverage of new business in the ecosystem of operators.

  • 5G Enabling Fabric translates the complexity of the various use cases enabled by 5G automatically and to provision the service in order to carry it out in the simplest way, emulating the experience provided by the "Hyperscalers" when provisioning a new service. It allows maximizing the potential of 5G technology to deploy highly customized business services.
  • 5G App Framework provides a flexible and programmable environment to create high performance and very low latency services, using a range of technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, AI... It combines the speed and bandwidth advantages of 5G with programmable networks to gain agility and efficiency in businesses that depend on critical connectivity, paving the way for 5G verticality.
  • 5G Campus Network enables the deployment of a high-performance private network for companies that, due to their typology, need to have their communications secure and in a private environment, to build and test their prototypes in real operating conditions more quickly and with less risk.
  • 5G Security Edge Protection Portal (SEPP) allows establishing the security agreements for 5G roaming processes, as required by 3GPP technical specifications.
  • 5G Network as a Service (NaaS) enables Telcos and mobile operators to offer their network under the service philosophy, generating a new source of added value, as it allows a simple digital ecosystem where transactionality between companies occurs in a simple way, with absolute traceability and under an automatic scheme.

Regarding operational efficiency, we have developed two solutions that allow the optimization of resources and costs for day-to-day operations.

  • Smart Operations aims to facilitate the maintenance and physical operation processes of networks that require a lot of manpower, combining a series of technological tools such as Big Data, Automation, AI, Virtual Reality, etc. This brings a total change in the management of such activities and represents significant cost savings.
  • Open Networks promotes and leverages the openness of network data, as well as network disaggregation, to uniquely integrate networks and systems, using and combining existing technologies and Open Source software along open ecosystems, to achieve real end-to-end automation of network processes, as well as scaling disaggregation and, ultimately, network softwarization.

The problems we face constitute a major challenge. NTT Group's Telco DNA, our commitment to market best practices, our strong ecosystem of partnerships (Red Hat, Microsoft, Google, AWS, Mavenir...) and our ability to adapt to the specific needs of each business are the great advantages that make us as a reference partner and a driver of innovation in the telecom industry.

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