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Ecoembes confides in everis for its digital transformation process

Ecoembes, the environmental company that manages container recycling in Spain, has confided in everis for its digital transformation process. It aims to: modernise its organisational model in respect to its work methods and strategy, and transform them with the help of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT). 

To approach this project and, as a first phase, they have defined the leverage required to implement this change: cultural transformation of the employees to take on board new, transversal ways of working and optimising the efficiency of the different operational process of Ecoembes, taking advantage of new ICT capacity. 

To manage this necessary paradigm change, everis has developed an integral Transformation Plan for Ecoembes that takes into account the technological and social trends that are going to impact their entire ecosystem, including in the definition of the Plan all functional areas of the organisation. 

‘Ecoembes has the mission to help for the care of our planet through container recycling. To this mandate we want to add a digital vision, which enables to know how digital facilitators can help us help this mission. For this purpose, with the support of everis, we have developed the initiatives of our plan’, says Manuel de Arcocha, Technology Director at Ecoembes.

According to Antonio Ballester Viñau, Industry Director at everis, ‘we have brought forward to Ecoembes a transition model geared towards their digital vision that is ambitious but achievable, based on a plan that guarantees optimising their processes and digital objectives’. 

everis’s proposal

everis’s proposal focuses on the importance of having a coherent and consistent adaptation and digital transformation model that has the potential to be successful. 

The success of the project is based on the following pillars: 

- An approach that combines two complimentary methodologies: Business Consulting and Digital Consulting, with the support of other experts in critical areas: Cultural Transformation and Change Management, Big Data, IoT, RPA, etc., that have enabled the implementation of a Plan that adjusts to their strategic requirements. 

- The complete involvement of Senior Management as well as the rest of the organisation of Ecoembes and the main Stakeholders. 

- The objective definition and KPIs are key components for guaranteeing the alignment of the company with the objectives defined in the Digital Transformation Plan, as well as periodic monitoring of compliance to the same.

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