everis and NTT DATA invest in healthcare, helping over 20,000 coronavirus patients via their diagnostic platform | NTT DATA

everis and NTT DATA invest in healthcare, helping over 20,000 coronavirus patients via their diagnostic platform

everis Health and NTT DATA are working with the community, investing in health and making ehCOS Remote Health, a comprehensive community health management solution for epidemic and pandemic situations in response to the COVID-19 crisis, available to healthcare organizations.

This solution—unique on the market—has already reached 20,000 patients throughout Latin America, offering comprehensive coverage in the community intervention process, including self-triage, virtual care, data management and analytics.

Since the onset of isolation measures, it has proven to be an essential tool for healthcare institutions, given that it lets patients administer self-triage and receive diagnostic guidance. In parallel, it also allows for telephone monitoring of diagnosed patients and other persons who—although they haven’t tested positive—feel an exacerbation of symptoms.

Also, via videoconferencing and integrated chat system, there is complete coordination between the patient, professional and caretaker. Throughout the period of monitoring the illness, patients enter variables into the system, which are updated on an ongoing basis, so that all parties involved are up-to-date about its evolution.

In addition to these utilities, new functions will be added and modified to help measures against COVID-19, which will be offered for existing clients in the public and private healthcare sectors across Europe and South America. These additional features and modifications will include a monitoring specifically customized for COVID-19, a function to link with EMR and a newly developed function of chat bot to improve patient communications, enabling patients to comfortably communicate with hospitals from their homes and receive care remotely.

In this way, and settling the state-of-art technology in this ecosystem, ehCOS Remote team is working to implant EVA, a virtual voice assistant that aims to self-triage trough a chatbot, simplifying the communication process.

Knowing that there is always room for improvement in the functionalities the solution has presented the integration of a Virtual Assistant. Thanks to that, the interaction with the patient improves, in particular in auto-triage; patient segmentation, design of Patient journeys and automation of contacts to citizens in the post-pandemic phase; improvements in video conferencing system (multiple attendees) and remote monitoring capabilities; standardization and improvement of inbound and outbond clinical information capabilities.

“Technology is an ally in this world-wide challenge. Self-diagnostic tools are changing the way that patients are cared for, providing flexibility, strength and extremely valuable information to the healthcare system,” claims Gabriel Ciaburri, Health Services Director at everis Argentina

Investments for developing this platform and the social impact it has already had throughout Latin America are the foundations of this great commitment that everis and NNT DATA are taking all with all of society.

On the other hand, NTT DATA has held the online event “NTT Data Technology Conference 2020”, a conference that highlighted the company's reliable technological capabilities to shape the future.

As the world dramatically changes the current crisis, the importance of advanced knowledge and strong technological capabilities is increasing to rapidly create the new future. Among the efforts to use artificial intelligence in the company, organizational reforms and the use of the cloud and other cutting-edge technologies, ehCOS Remote emerges as an innovative tool developed to support one of the most important sectors of society. The field of telemedicine has been forced to develop rapidly, and everis and NTT DATA have opted for cutting-edge technology at the service of healthcare systems that have been in great need.

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