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everis continues to work to reduce the gender gap in technology

everis continues to support the global movement that emerged a few years ago intended to reduce the gender gap in the digital sector. An effort that involves technology firms committing themselves to increase female representation with the sector. With this in mind, everis, through its CSR department, is been putting focus and resources on this situation. 

In this context, the #girlsgonna project began a year ago, focusing on working for women’s inclusion in the STEM subjects through educational and leisure experiences involving families and young girls. The initiative deals with the challenge of change from a family perspective. It suggests changes to the ways adults (mothers, fathers, educators and society in general) think about technology for the benefit of the girls of the world. 

#girlsgonna in figures

#girlsgonna is an initiative seeking to break down the gender prejudices associated with technology so girls can achieve their dreams and change the world. Educational workshops teach boys and girls aged between seven and 12 to discover technology through games.

Since it was set up, #girlsgonna has had an impact on more than 900 families, 450 girls and about 300 teachers through 25 workshops held in ten Spanish cities.

In its first year of operation, everis has taken the #girlsgonna experiences outside the company. BBVA has joined in and its employees’ families have been able to experiment around the initiative. Thanks to collaboration with BBVA’s Talent and Culture team, girlsgonna has offered various “maker” experiences for families to promote the digital mindset among employees. In these practices, lasting about an hour, more than 400 people, including children and adults, have resolved various prototype challenges and created their own projects using creative technologies. The #girlsgonna project has also been taken outside the company, as BBVA has offered the activity at its facilities in Mexico City.

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