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everis increases its revenue by 22% and reaches EUR 1.43 billion

everis has totalled a revenue of EUR 1.43 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31st 2019 (from April 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019), resulting in a 22% increase over the previous year. everis’ EBITDA amounted to EUR 109 million.

These positive results respond to everis’ commitment to talent and innovation as economic growth drivers. During FY18, 3,500 professionals joined the consulting firm reaching 24,500 employees globally. The company continues its mission to create qualified and stable employment, with almost 100% permanent contracts across all its markets.

In business terms, the firm has focused its strategy on developing new products and delivering digital transformation projects for its clients. This has been possible thanks to the company’s expertise in different business sectors and its ability to form alliances with the innovation ecosystem as well as to anticipate client needs in terms of disruptive technology application.

This strategic approach has had a direct impact on the economic results. Digital transformation projects account for 35% of the company’s global revenue, which positions everis as a leader in the application of exponential technologies such as Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. By sectors, Banking accounts for 31% of total turnover, followed by Industry (18%), Public Sector and Health (18%), Telecommunications (15%), Utilities (10%) and Insurance (8%).

The European market revenue was over EUR 1.05 billion, which represents a 23% increase year-on-year. The firm has increased its turnover in all its European markets. This positive evolution has strengthened its presence in Europe by increasing the number of digital transformation projects for companies and public administration organizations.

Spain remains as the highest revenue market, with a 21% growth reaching over 750 million Euro. These figures, above market average, consolidate everis’ leadership position in Spain, where the company has more than 12,500 professionals.

In the American market, everis ended the fiscal year with over EUR 380 million in revenue. Local talent has been crucial to reinforce everis’ business position and to reach 27% of the global turnover. Currently, the firm has more than 8,500 professionals in this region. 

Brazil is the country with the highest revenue, followed by Peru, Chile and Mexico. In each country, everis has a strong market position and works actively in the digital transformation of companies in the region.

According to Fritz Hoderlein, everis CEO, “we have met our growth expectations for 2018 thanks to our 25,000 professionals. To report growth above 20% attests to the trust that clients have in us, due to our ability to anticipate their business needs and implement innovative solutions that have a true impact on their bottom line”.


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