NTT DATA to highlight the benefit of combining 5G / Private 5G and cutting-edge technologies such as AI at MWC | NTT DATA

NTT DATA to highlight the benefit of combining 5G / Private 5G and cutting-edge technologies such as AI at MWC

Barcelona, 22 February, 2024 – NTT DATA, a leading digital business and IT services company is poised to emphasize how the deployment of 5G / Private 5G and cutting-edge technologies (cloud, generative AI, or Digital Twins, among others) has the potential to significantly enhance businesses across various industries. This strategic vision will be showcased during its participation at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.

The company has been a consistent participant at MWC, the most significant telecommunications fair worldwide, and this year marks a substantial increase in NTT DATA's commitment. The company is now showcasing all the expertise of a top-ten global IT services company with its unique experience in the telecom field.

NTT DATA is now addressing the most significant challenges facing the telecom industry, together with solutions and future success strategies. This approach suggests the roadmap for telecommunication businesses should be guided by these key action points:

  • Transitioning from telecom to tech & computing, identifying key opportunities to revisit the positioning of Communication service Providers (CSPs)
  • Maximizing value from both business and network assets, through a change in business paradigms
  • Moving from connectivity to digital services, prioritizing the digital ecosystem and differential experience over a customer ownership-only vision

All this occurs within the context of a rapidly changing environment and is made all the more important because of the strategically vital nature of the telecommunications industry. Notably, the relevance is underscored by the fact that competition has become more global than ever before. This dynamic environment highlights the dual necessity within the sector—both in terms of infrastructure and innovation.

Telco operators, recognizing this shift, are not only focusing on enhancing infrastructure to improve services for both B2C and B2B customers, but are also diversifying their core businesses. This strategic move signifies that technology plays a pivotal role in evolving towards a more efficient and sustainable way of working.

Teodoro Lopez, Telecommunications Partner at NTT DATA, believes the ongoing changes that the primary players in the Telco industry are currently experiencing represents “undoubtedly a paradigm shift from what we have observed in previous years. "The integration of cutting-edge technologies like Gen AI, cloud, or Digital Twins is crucial for enhancing efficiency, while transforming the main operations of Telcos and how Telcos will create value for their customers. These technologies are rapidly permeating all aspects of businesses in the economy. As experts in the field, we are prepared to support all our clients in their journey, hand in hand.”

Additionally, in just over two years ago, NTT DATA launched its groundbreaking Enterprise Private 5G platform, a fully integrated solution that fits seamlessly into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. Delivered as a fully managed solution, NTT DATA’s private LTE/5G network-as-a-service full-stack solution is unique, offering deployments on-premises, supported by a global managed service experts with an operating-expense business model. This platform also helps to promote a full ecosystem where NTT DATA together with key players & partners, deliver an unparalleled solution to the market.

Listening to our customers, we understand that the future of digital transformation relies on processing massive datasets in real-time. Coupled with the increasing number of smart devices, stringent security requirements, and new demands brought on by Generative AI applications, Private 5G connectivity is pivotal to this transformation for its reliable connections, low latency, large data bandwidth and the ability to safeguard sensitive data. From the City of Las Vegas and LyondellBasell to BMW, Albemarle, Schneider Electric, and Frankfurt and Cologne Bonn airports, to name a few, NTT DATA is at the forefront of a massive digital shift across industries.” said Shahid Ahmed, EVP New Ventures, and Innovation at NTT Ltd.

Join NTT DATA at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

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