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A Smarter Way to Automate

Automation solutions and services

NTT DATA  offers an extensive range of services and solutions to help organizations evolve their operations model by embracing end-to-end automation. 

NTT DATA proposes a new operations model in which  processes are executed by smart technologies supported by people, enabling hybrid operations with humans and technology collaborating across new business processes redesigned using hyperautomation technologies. 

With our extensive experience  optimizing processes in  different industries, NTT DATA can help organizations leverage the multiple benefits  of end-to-end automation, which include higher productivity, greater flexibility and  improved operational efficiency.


Disruptive Operations Strategy

By combining our experience of multiple industry sectors, specific methodologies, and key disruptive technologies, NTT DATA can design the optimum automation strategy for your organization and execute it in a way that guarantees greater business value and a quicker ROI.

Quanta Services

We designed Quanta as an automation framework to accelerate the evolution of the operations model of our customers. We offer various Quanta services to enable organizations to build a compelling business case for automation and construct specific solutions that, if required, we can then operate on the client’s behalf.

Automation Centers of Excellence

To get the greatest benefits from automation, NTT Data recommends the creation of an Automation CoE within a client organization. These are characterized by new roles, redesigned management processes and new technology stacks. We ensure the methodologies and technologies employed in the CoE are fully aligned with the client’s business strategy, and we can also operate the CoE, if required.

Low Code/iBPMS

Take BPM to the next level with intelligent BPM suites (iBPMS) that empower your end-users to use low-code for automating business processes and decisions, based on methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean Six Sigma to ideate and redesign processes.

Robotic Process Automation

NTT DATA works with best-of-breed technology partners to deliver RPA services that automate processes, integrate systems and connect business areas. We identify the use cases where RPA works best and those where a blended approach may be better, taking into account cognitive activities, human in the loop, citizen developers, etc.

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive decisions and human interactions can be automated using different services within the NTT DATA automation portfolio. By leveraging technologies such as conversational agents, natural language processing and advanced analytics, we can help you take automation to the next level.

Process and Task Mining

NTT DATA uses process and task mining solutions not only as a key lever to understand real processes and to help automate them in the most appropriate way, but also to guarantee this new operations model, leveraging new ways to monitor, audit and improve on-going business process, automated or not.

Intelligent Document Processing

We can help you design a smarter, more efficient way to process documents, using solutions from NTT DATA and best-of-breed vendors to extract and understand unstructured information and make it available for downstream decision-making or further process automation.



Quanta is NTT DATA’s framework for designing and developing new operations models for our customers. It identifies processes that can potentially be automated, creates a business case and an automation roadmap, and then identifies the best technology to automate each process to optimize the capture of efficiencies.


Clonika is a cloud-based, end-to-end automation platform that integrates technologies from NTT DATA and best-of-breed vendors for RPA, BPM, advanced analytics, process mining, AI and OCR, so enabling end-to-end governance of new operations models in our customers.


Dolffia is an AI-based document processing platform that automatically classifies a wide range of document types and extracts the salient information they contain at speed and with high levels of accuracy.

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