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Google Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture

Maximize the robustness, capabilities and security of your business on the cloud

With our technology consulting services specialized in GCP

Before migrating your first applications to the cloud, you should ensure that you have solid, robust and secure foundations established for your cloud infrastructure, just like you did for your own data center. New cloud technologies offer endless benefits, but they are not free from potential downtime, security threats, operating complexities, and cloud IT governance needs, so we always recommend implementing a base landing with your current needs and, in parallel, enable you to expand and improve them to handle your future needs.

At NTT DATA, through our Google Cloud Premier Partnership, we have progressively acquired the experience and expertise required by these types of new platforms. Thus, we will be your perfect travelling companion for this challenging technological and organizational challenge.

We have a highly-qualified team in matters such as cloud organizational structure, identity management, networking, security, data management, business continuity and cost control, as well as with designing and implementing the most robust, scalable and high-performance platform architectures that your most critical applications will need.


Data center and application migration to GCP

Thanks to our end-to-end cloud consulting services, we can help you moving from your on-premise data centers fully or partially, understanding your strategic drivers, building your own Cloud Data Center in GCP and migrating your workloads by focusing on centering on IaaS or PaaS-oriented migration strategies. To do so, we will follow Google best practices, using programmes tools such as Cloud Adoption Framework and the RAMP, as well as providing you with NTT DATA cloud framework accelerators and models that can put you up to speed faster.

Definition and Automation of Cloud-Native Platforms

Using our detailed cloud platform reference models, we will also help you implement PaaS architectures that are truly-scalable, automated and easy-to-operate, based on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), GCP managed services and a selection of the best breed of cloud-native tools. Based on all this, we will provide your IT function with a suitable infrastructure to enable de development of native applications on the cloud at your organization, while also ensuring the control, governance, compliance with policies and cost optimization of your corporate cloud platform.

Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery

We believe that the reliability and security of infrastructures and platforms are fundamental and critical aspects of any design, represented by our principles "Secure by Design" and "Reliable by Design". We take advantage of the widely recognized strengths of GCP in these areas to implement robust mechanisms in accordance with Google Cloud security recommendations and tools, SRE best practices, our NTT DATA Cloud Platform Reliability Framework, backup solutions and cloud DR blueprints, to name just a few.


Compute Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Cloud Run

Cloud Storage

GCP Networking

Identity Security


Google Cloud Operations



Autotorino SPA Italia

Calculating the correct price for a used car has always been a huge challenge, due to the multiple factors that affect its financial value. Autotorino is a leading Italian company in the sector, which has supported its customers for over 50 years to find their best next vehicle, meaning that having a reliable solution to identify the current value of any automobile on the market was essential to them.

Taking advantage of the full power of the GCP cloud native services—with GKE as a micro-services platform—using an AI platform to obtain predictions for a personalized learning model and BigQuery for mass data analysis, Autotorino entrusted NTT DATA to develop this successful and solid implementation of its first automated learning solution based on Google Cloud.

The enormous value of cloud solutions for organizations has been proven and demonstrated. After an initial version at the beginning of 2021, it is already evolving to predict the best price for any vehicle on the Italian market. Thus, it has become a central response in Autotorino's digital innovation panorama and the customer-centric sales targets that have always positioned it as a leading company in the automotive industry.

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