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Reinventing BPO in the Digital Era

Business process outsourcing services

BPO has taken on a new strategic importance in the era of digital transformation because externalization is a lever for organizations to accelerate the change process.

Through the automation and transformation of managed end-to-end processes, NTT DATA helps organizations not only to reduce costs and optimize resources, so enabling them to concentrate on higher value tasks, but also works with them to identify new opportunities for growth and transformation.

In addition to three nearshore BPO hubs located in the European time zone and an offshore hub in Peru, NTT DATA is present in  24 countries. That enables us to fully support industries and accounts that operate worldwide by leveraging our global footprint while emphasizing our local proximity and on-the-ground knowledge.



Some of the world’s leading banks entrust NTT DATA with back-office activities related to payments and asset management, credit scoring, customer service, capital market transactions, real estate rental agreements and administrative services.


NTT DATA manages policies and claims for open and closed books for life and P&C insurance companies. We also support leading insurance companies in their asset management mid- and back-office operations.


NTT DATA has extensive experience providing specialist services for CSPs, including network technical services, billing support, fraud audits, campaign management and ticket management.

Public Sector

NTT DATA enables public bodies to improve service delivery and cost-effectiveness through the provision of administrative support and document management services, and user and helpdesk support for electronic administrative processes.


Leading utilities have chosen NTT DATA to perform operations such as document management, payments and collections, customer activation and support, and technical support for public works and contractors.


We provide services to leading brands in the Automotive, Consumer Products, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, Transportation & Logistics, Tourism and Hospitality and Services sectors among others, helping them to make their back-office operations more efficient using best-in-class processes and technologies.


Efficiency Tools

These include: Clonika, a modular platform that integrates a complete set of tools in areas such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Virtual Agents, Natural Language Processing (NLP); and Efficiency Suite , our business process management (BPM) solution, which adopts an “as a service” model to boost efficiency and is incorporated in NTT DATA’s BPO services.


We offer full operations and IT outsourcing as a service, delivering scalable and more flexible models, transforming fixed costs into variable ones, and automating processes to generates saving to be shared with our clients.

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